Very briefly, it started out as a "proofing" method whereby I could show all those doubters out there that I had a system that could provide real returns over time as well as providing some fun and entertainment along the way. Most people think that it's impossible to "beat the odds" but that's a fallacy, it's all about percentages and probabilities (and discipline). Also, we're not betting against a Bookie, we're investing in a Pool with many other people and the winners split the nett amount between them. As long as we have an edge over the normal guy in the street, we must have a chance of turning a profit.

We've been recording every bet for the last 91 Days and the results speak for themselves - in that time we've entered 157 Pools and we've won a dividend 74% of the time. Not all payouts are high enough to cover our outlay but we've still maintained a Margin of over 20% over that period. This means that we are averaging 20% profit on every bet we make.

The shares are offered at a weekly Share Price which is determined by the success or failure of the previous week. There is a R100 charge per share which is added to the current Share Value to give us a price for that week. Every Monday you can buy shares at the current Share Price and you may sell at any time for the current Share Value - less a 5% handling fee to cover Bank charges etc.

I set targets and pay dividends when we exceed them. This enables us to grow the Bank and the Share Value but also keeps it manageable because we skim the cream off the top every time we exceed a target. Over the last period of 91 days, we have paid three dividends R67, R260 and R63. Over the same period the Share Price has gone from R200 to R268 and the Share Value from R100 to R168.

That means that if you had invested R200 for one share 91 Days ago, you would have received R390 in dividends and you could still sell your share for R168 meaning that you would have had real growth of 175% in 3 months ! No wonder Graham is smiling !

I record the details on an excel spreadsheet and I break it down into Shareblocks of 10 shares. The spreadsheet is a snapshot of 10 shares in a shareblock and we currently have 21 shareblocks (210 shares) in issue.

Anyway, enough of the sales pitch - basically, you are welcome to buy shares in our syndicate at the current price of R268 a share and you will receive the following :

1.Entry into each and every Soccer 6 Pool as well as the weekly Rugby 5 and some Soccer 4 pools.


2 A daily email detailing the bets for that day - all the games and selections - so that you can follow the games and enjoy the excitement.


3. Feedback from the previous day and details of our successes or failures as well as system changes.


4. Weekly feedback showing all bets placed and the current situation and progress towards our next dividend.


5. Dividends every time we hit our target and exceed our projected Monday Bank Balance.


I'm keeping it between family and friends for the time being but I've got plans to roll it out to a wider audience at some stage.


If you're keen, you're welcome to buy at R268 a share (no minimum) and the Bank details are as follows :


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